1947 in Frankfurt born Wolfgang Flur is best known as the electro drummer of  German electronic band Kraftwerk between 1973 and 1986 Flur developed with his musical partner Florian Schneider the world first electric drum-pads-board for the Electric Quartet Since 1993 Flur is the founder of Yamo. The album “Time Pie“ (EMI Electrola) was released in 1976 in co-production with Andi Toma of Mouse on Mars Flur’s next release, a 12“ with remixes of “I Was A Robot“ (Holon), climed number 6 of German Club Charts “I Was A Robot“ is Flur’s sung autobiography and was especially produced as giveaway of the German book in a parallel edition The English edition was first published in 2000 called “I Was a Robot“ (Sanctuary), describing his view on the inner workings of Kraftwerk The book was subsequently released in six different territories / translations and was in the Top Ten of best selling music books in 2004 (The Independent) and 2010 in the ten best music histoires (The Observer) Flur also released a weird short story book on the Germans of the Rhineland Area in 2011 entitled “neben mir“ (next to me) Wolfgang undertakes book readings in Germany and (very selected) in England) Since 2004 Flur has been DJ’ing world wide in clubs and on festivals, playing tech house, industry and electro specialities of his own, of Kraftwerk and of international artists who he’s friendly with Flur has co-operated with Bon Harris’ (Nitzer Ebb) Shadow Bureau project and lent his lyrics and voice for the track “Axis of Envy“ Flur also co-operated with Anni Hogan (former Marc Almond pianist) for the track “Golden Light“ (lyrics and vocals) as well as on “Fashion Machine“ (lyrics and voice) with Ramón Amezcua of  Bostich / Mexico Wolfgang Flur’s current stage performances show videos and rare images from his Kraftwerk past shot to his present projects added with selected electro tunes for dancing Musik Soldat (music soldier) is the title of Flur’s program Wolfgang sees himself as a music presenter with historical electric background.